Andrew Gordon

July 1st, 2015

 Andrew D. Gordon is a world renowned musician/author/educator/composer/producer with over 60 music educational books in print as well as recording numerous CD’s as a solo artist or with his instrumental jazz group The Super Groovers.

Andrew GordonAndrew D. Gordon was born in London England and began his musical training at the age of 7, studying classical piano for 12 years. He has studied Synthesizer Programming at UCLA and was chosen to participate, by B.M.I., in their film scoring workshop, instructed by TV and film composer EARL HAGEN. Andrew studied contemporary piano styles for 6 years with rock, classical and jazz pianist MIKE GARSON most notable for his work with David Bowie, Nine Inch Nails, Billy Corgan, Free Flight, and The Smashing Pumpkins. Andrew is also literate in most aspects of computer technology including the use of MIDI, digital synthesis, music programs, multimedia, desk top publishing, digital video editing and website design.

Andrew is an exceptional all round experienced keyboard player, composer/guitarist, and his experience has enabled him to compose, produce and arrange music for many artists, TV Shows, film, theater, commercials including TV shows such as General Hospital and Oceanquest. He has worked with such notable artists as Gary Wright, Johnny Guitar Watson, Edwin Starr, Mike Pinera. His band The Super Groovers has received worldwide airplay on many jazz radio stations. Andrew is equally adept at performing and teaching in many musical styles including, Pop, Rock, Blues, Jazz, Funk & R&B, Gospel, Country and has taught hundreds of students from many parts of the world either in person or via skype.Andrew Gordon 2

Andrew moved to Los Angeles in 1979 to pursue a career in music. In 1991 He created a music educational publishing company, A.D.G. Productions which has now published over 150 music instructional books with Andrew authoring over 60 books for piano/keyboards, woodwinds/brass, guitar/bass, violin, drums.

Andrew has a great passion for teaching music and feels very fortunate to have the opportunity of teaching at the Cornel School of Music at Shepherd University in Los Angeles for the past 6 years where he teaches private lessons, group performance class and created the curriculum for the Keyboard Groove Lab that he teaches.

Andrew is a member of ICAP (International Committee of Artists for Peace)

Country Riffs for Piano & Keyboards

Reviews of Andrew’s books

Your grooves are amazing! i feel like it is really inspiring. My favourites so far are track 1,2 and 4… im on the second riff so far and they are so good!! thank you for making the book E.H. Great Britain Ultra Smooth Jazz Grooves for Eb

I am a private instructor of piano and guitar in Fishers, IN and I absolutely love everything that you’ve put on the market so far. I especially like and use your 100 ultimate blues and jazz licks as well as the piano bass lines book. I think you’re doing a great job and I hope you will remember me because I also use Scott ‘the piano guy’ Houston’s approach and have more or less integrated his beginning methods with your licks in my everyday teaching approach.C.H.100 Ultimate Blues Riffs for Piano/Keyboards

“The blues book really helped. There are riffs that I have heard for several years, but most of the time if you try to learn them off a tape or CD, the musician is playing so fast you can’t catch everything. Your book shows how all that is done. I can pratice at slower speeds and then work up to full tempo. It has helped me play fuller sounding chords. As I have implemented the riffs in my playing, I get a lot of compliments on my playing.”T.S. 100 Ultimate Blues Riffs for Piano/Keyboards

I am finding this book/cd combo invaluable. Although a bit challenging, it makes learning to play the blues accessible and the riffs provide a great short-term goal, which keeps me progressing. It is exactly what I have been looking for and is as good as private study because of the CD. Yay, Andrew Gordon. Thanks!M.L.NY 100 Ultimate Blues Riffs for Piano/Keyboards

The 60 Funkiest Keyboard Riffs Known To Mankind book contains some of the great secrets of the Funk world! No longer do you have to stare at the TV trying to see what masters such as Herbie Hancock or Chick Corea are playing. It’s all here. By integrating the tricks in this book to your solos you can dramatically transform the sounds of mere pentatonic blandness into exotic 20th century harmony, and leave yourself amazed by the results. I tried for years to get the authentic sounds and discover the scales myself, to no avail. This book has transformed my playing and given me new directions to take my Keyboard playing. Buy this book…you won’t be disappointed!
Ed Feast, Nottingham England
Hi, I have purchased your ” 100 ultimate riff ” book which I must say is one of the best books I have ever come across period! as it has enabled me to achieve that Jazzy sound that I have been searching for the last 7 years. Even the Jazz tutor that I have had in the past have not been able to show me what your book has shown me…. Just like yourself I have learned to play and improvise over the Blues but when it came to improvise over songs like “Misty” and ” Someone to watch over me ” I was completely lost for Notes to play that would sound good & Jazzy . I had nearly given up hope in even trying to be a Jazz piano player for the last 7 years but Many thanks to you and your wonderful book I can see the light at the end of the tunnel! I would just like to say that I am very very satisfied with your book and I think in is worth its weight in gold…Many Many Thanks Have A Nice Day Rgrds. Danny Manini London England 100 Ultimate Jazz Riffs for Piano/Keyboards

I enjoy much the Chord progressions you chose and the scale relations that were picked I am well versed in this area and I feel you covered it nicely. Would have liked a little more funk and latin but I have additional books of yours that handle that. I find your books are useful for my own creative juices by starting with one of your grooves and then I toy with it until I have recreated something new from it. Your music has an uncanny ability to reinvent itself easily. There is another book of yours on different styles that I will be purchasing in the near future. D.H. 100 Ultimate Jazz Riffs.
I received the book and immediately sat down in my studio and began working on the first few examples. Being a sax player in latin bands here in New Orleans I know this book will increase my knowledge of the music tremendously. These are authentic Latin piano parts and books covering Latin music just don’t exist…until now! Once I work thru this book I will be buying others you offer. Thanks, E.G. Ultimate Latin Riffs for Piano/Keyboards

This guy knows what he’s doing. I’ve studied jazz piano privately on and off for years, but recently have delved deeper into self-studying. I’ve always loved Latin jazz but never tried it for myself, except for some standard Bossa and Samba tunes ala Jobim. Carlos Campus really shows his expertise in the way he presents the material. It ranges from easy to advanced riffs and chord movements – and some of the voicing are very hip. Good luck fellow musicians! B.M.Clifton NJ  Ultimate Latin Riffs for Piano/Keyboards

My teacher bought this book for himself. I thought it was so good I also bought a copy. Gives 100 sample Jazz riffs in Swing, Funk, Latin, Ballad, Waltz. Plays the riff once with sax then repeats with just the backing so you can play. Makes you use unfamiliar phrases rather than rely on your favourite runs. Like the author, I found blues solos (relatively) easy but was totally lost when it came to soloing on even the simplest ‘standards’. Found the riffs quite interesting, technically a challenge and the chord progression information useful. Some books can be cheesy and boring – not this one. And of course it will improve your sight reading. Derek Abbots Langley UK 100 Ultimate Jazz Riffs for Eb Sax

this is a great book for learning basic to complex jazz rhythmes! When used with the cd it is easy to break down any awkward parts and practise until you get your finges around them. I would recommend this book to any brass player wishing to give jazz or blues a go! 100 Ultimate Blues Riffs for Brass instruments.

I am a professional musician from Sacramento, CA. I have worked for many oldies acts, such as Chubby Checker, Sha Na Na and Peter Noone of Herman’s Hermits. I just wanted to let you know that I have purchased several of you keyboard instructional books and have found them to be very useful in my work and they have taken my playing to a new level. Keep up the good work. G.G. Sacramento CA

Thanks for the mp3 files – Your 100 Ultimate Blues Riffs for Bb beginner book is great I wish I had found it sooner! R.K. London UK

Thank you so much Andrew, got all the files for the Ultimate Funk Grooves for Bb Saxophone and they are amazing, you guys ROCK!! R.S. FriscoTX

As a self tought musician I’ve always relied on music methods and I may certanly say that yours are among the best and most useful! R.B. Milan Italy

I am really enjoying your “Outta Sight, Funk and R&B Riffs For Piano/Keyboards”.
I am now at the beginning (I will work tomorrow on the track #9), but I already feel that my funk playing improves day after day. N.A. Casablanca Morocco

Congratulations and Bravissimo! I LOVE this new Boogie Woogie and The Blues CD! Lucky me that you took the time and effort to transcribe this muisc. It is SO REFRESHING! You have so imaginatively integrated traditional blues sounds in a new and innovative way. I myself have been in what I call a “riff rut”. Studying this book is going to open my mind immensely. I am really excited about practicing these tunes. THANK YOU so much for producing this and being willing to share it with others. I love the discography at the end of the book. I will pursue obtaining these CD’s as well.
All the greats that you cite would be so proud of your accomplishment. Rock on! D.F. Florida

Mr. Gordon, THANK-YOU! I successfully received all of the attachments and look forward to learning! I have a piano teacher in town but I seem to have a mind block regarding what to do with my left hand no matter what he tries to show me–he wants me to improvise, to “play what sounds good”, but I have no idea where to start, I needed notes on paper to give me ideas! So thank-you for writing this book, I can already tell it will be a huge help! T.A. Beaverton OR

I’m using the books for teaching at Southampton Solent university, I have already a hard copy of the 12 bar blue bible which i picked up in a shop here and it has been invaluable for teaching pupils riffs and improvisation techniques – they are all popular music performance students and i have found that giving them an exercise from your books in class every other week gives them a structured routine of learning as many just play by ear so having to read the music is invaluable – the guide tracks help so much aswell with the more complicated rhythmic pieces. I have found your book to be of a perfect standard and the riffs all sound great, there are so many books where the music is geared for younger children, ie microjazz etc and just doesn’t cover older pupils with intermediate/advanced ability levels and so I can’t be more delighted to have found your website! E.F. Bournemouth U.K.

The book, Utimate Latin Riffs is a great contribution to the music arts and industry. I greatly appreciate this resource. Thank you for bringing this book and the supplemental CD and MIDI media to the market. D.K. OR

I recently purchased your book, 12 Bar Blues Bible from World Of Music in Nowra NSW. I love the book and your playing and interpretations. M.H. NSW Australia

This is a fabulous book, it does what it says, the riffs are so various you can get a great insight into the different styles covered. This is perfect for anyone who has an interest in developing their blues skills. (About me, classically trained, Music academy background) Andrew’s instructions and tips are comprehensive and you can choose your favourites and concentrate on them, or have a go at the lot ! Well worth it, make your own mind up, I think this is a true gift and very generous of Andrew to share his love of music in this way.A.H. London U.K.

Flute practice was getting dull and becoming a chore. In addition to scales, etudes, etc. that must be done, I wanted some “dessert.” My favourite music is Blues, and after some searching I found “100..Riffs.” It was exactly what I needed to reignite my interest. As a beginner/intermediate level player, the book has riffs I can play right off and some I have to work on. I am very pleased with this book.

Your books/downloads are ideal and works really well with our music curriculum and we will highly suggest all our students to check your work out. A.B.
London Centre of Contemporary Music

Hi Andrew, The recent book download (contemporary licks) is fantastic, there is certainly a lot of very useful information there, a while ago ( I think it was last year ) I bought the outta sight funk book, that is also fantastic, although I play concert piano I actually found the funk keyboard grooves extremely challenging to play accurately), but it just had the audio tracks on the disc, the midifiles would have been ideal, I like altering midi files tempos etc and then adding different tweaks and hearing the results.
Just to say I think your products are the best of the best, there is no waffle, just the relevant information

“I took my bass amp to a repairman in Burbank last week and in the middle of all these amplifiers was a piano. On top of his piano was two books -the Hanon excercises and one of your books Andrew! He told me that though he was a guitarist, he really enjoyed learning piano and commended your book very highly. He was incredulous when I told him that not only did I know you, I also had an opportunity to sit in with you. He said to tell you he’s getting a lot of enjoyment from your book. (He played some of the examples and sounded great!)”

The ultimate blues organ riffs in this book and audio CD make for enjoyable home study on my hammond organ setup. It is clear, gets the point across, and is an entertaining way to learn how to play better.

Country Riffs for Piano/Keyboards is everything I expected it to be. I would recommend this book to anyone needing help with playing country music by ear. It gave me more confidence.